Gigi Hadid & Her Gloriously Fuzzy Armpits Rock Out In Love Mag's Advent

Fans are divided over Gigi Hadid's 'natural armpit hair'

Fans are divided over Gigi Hadid's 'natural armpit hair'

At the end of the video, Hadid gives fans an up-close-and-personal look at her armpit hair by flexing her biceps as the camera slowly zooms in. If she did indeed ditch her razor, she just joined an elite group of Hollywood hotties that prefer to go au naturel, like Madonna and Miley Cyrus. That should [have] been shaved.

Seems a tad suss that no one seemed to pick up on this on the day of shooting - considering how "hands on" makeup artists and on-set stylists usually are! "I'm shook (sic)", one Instagram user wrote, while another commented: "Ew, under her arms..."

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Others are behind Gigi 100%. "Ampit hair, yasss!" wrote another. "Every women has body hair - even supermodels", one person declared. Both very real possibilities that happen when you're a human person who works out; though, as fans have pointed out, a big deal to be kept in the film, considering anything deemed a "flaw" has historically been digitally removed from a fashion spread or video.

Gigi Hadid is making a statement for strong women everywhere! Gigi walked a fashion show the same day. Besides being a supermodel with super beauty, the 22-year-old is showing a new superpower: armpit hair... and her fans don't really know what to think.

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Others said that it wasn't hair at all, instead just fluff from the jumper she wears at the start at the video. Whether you want to do away with your body hair or keep it, it's totally your call (though I would urge you to take anything society TELLS you to do and hold it up to a freaking high-intensity microscope).

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