Google is scrapping its gun emoji for a toy pistol

Gun emoji from several companies

Gun emoji from several companies

While Apple and many other companies designed their cheeseburger emoji with the cheese on top of the patty, Google faced scrutiny for placing the cheese beneath the burger patty.

The search giant is actually one of the many companies that has chose to change the emoji in recent years.

Google's CEO Sundar Pichai said he would 'drop everything to correct the issue and the change was made in Android 8.1.

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The change is reportedly an effort to minimize cross-platform confusion, "avoiding a scenario where a user may pick a toy gun from their native emoji keyboard on Apple, Google or Samsung devices, and have it show as a weapon on Facebook".

Tech companies are entering the emoji wars with (water) guns blazing.

Twitter had the gun emoji for years before the company chose to change it for 2018. Reports in 2016 also revealed that Apple was behind the decision to remove a proposed rifle and pistol shooting emoji.

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Facebook and Microsoft are reportedly considering a change to squirt guns as well. This follows similar changes made by Twitter earlier this week, and made by Samsung alongside the launch of the Galaxy S9.

Microsoft said at the time that it switched to a pistol so that emojis would appear properly between different platforms. It's taken a couple of years, but it seems other companies are now following in the iPhone maker's footsteps. Google's emoji change really stands out since it turns it into a super soaker lookalike.

It now looks like the tide is changing, with Google being the latest company to kill off its handgun emoji in favour of a water gun. Actually, it's only Microsoft now that still sports a "real" revolver for the gun emoji, although they were actually the first to use a toy ray gun back in 2013. That includes smartphones updated to the upcoming Android 9.0 "P" due for release in May.

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