Apple CEO Says He Told Trump Tariffs Are Wrong Approach to China

Apple CEO Says He Told Trump Tariffs Are Wrong Approach to China

Apple CEO Says He Told Trump Tariffs Are Wrong Approach to China

Cook's calculus is shrewd: His underlying argument, tucked within the speech, is a reminder that Apple considers itself a trustworthy and socially responsible employer, which plays well in the Silicon Valley recruiting wars. Twittered hammered the nail by admitting the fact that it also sold the data collected from the users.

In an interview on Bloomberg Television, Cook said his message to Trump focused on the importance of trade and how cooperation between two countries can boost the economy more than nations acting alone.

Sound familiar? For the second time in roughly a month, Cook forcefully took Facebook (ticker: FB) to task for its handling of its members' personal information, cementing a narrative pushed by Apple (AAPL) that juxtaposes its strict privacy approach - and by extension, its business model - with Facebook and other ad-dependent companies that aggressively monetize data.

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Tim Cook has been a vocal critiic of Facebook and Google.

"You know, I find that argument, that if you're not paying that somehow we can't care about you, to be extremely glib". Cook took over as Apple's CEO following Jobs's 2011 death, and has since overseen the company's rise to the largest publicly traded company in the USA with a $752 billion net worth.

Cook's speech could be seen as a pitch to potential future employees as the CEO wants only the "best and the brightest who may feel that Facebook is tainted", CNBC's Jim Cramer said.

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He said Apple is "respectful" with user information, a contrast to Facebook, which has been mired in an epic data scandal in recent weeks.

"In every way at every turn, the question we ask ourselves is not, 'What can we do?', but 'What should we do?"

The Duke alum said that changing the world requires a vision and to be fearless like the students from Parkland, Florida, and the women of the "MeToo" movement.

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And in 2014, hackers were able to steal nude photos from celebrities' iCloud accounts. Not only is it the country where much of the company's manufacturing takes place, but it's also becoming one of the biggest markets for Apple goods.

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