Bethesda Continues To Tease Rage 2 Reveal For Tomorrow

Bethesda Continues To Tease Rage 2 Reveal For Tomorrow

Bethesda Continues To Tease Rage 2 Reveal For Tomorrow

At the beginning of this week, Rage 2, as well as other games, was reportedly leaked on a Walmart site. What's next from the Fallout team, the Doom team, the Wolfenstein team is something we want to know.

While it all sounded great on paper and seemed cool in concept, the application of the tech didn't really do much for the actual gameplay, and in the end RAGE was regarded as a well-intentioned but mostly mediocre outing from id Software and Bethesda.

Which is always exciting when it comes to Bethesda, especially as they've said that their pre-E3 event in June will be their longest ever...

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Bethesda's account retweeted that, as did marketing exec Pete Hines with the message "this is why we can't have nice things". I'm starting to get excited.

You can see the images for yourself below, but the current thinking is that it could be either Rage 2 or Starfield related.

The first two tweeted images are pointing to the numbers 5-14, the time on the clock face and the numbers on the rocket, which seems awfully likely to be a reference to May 14th. The second image is of a rocket shooting up into the sky, again the same shade of pink fills the image.

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A follow up tweet featured people queuing for Anarchy Bus Tours, which is clearly linked to Rage.

Wednesday's leak of multiple unannounced titles, which were presumably scheduled as surprise announcements at E3, was met with expected silence from many publishers and developers, but Bethesda leaned into the chaos.

Whether we find out on Monday or at E3, we shouldn't have long to wait.

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