Facebook has suspended 200 apps as it investigates misuse of data

Facebook has suspended 200 apps as it investigates misuse of data

Facebook has suspended 200 apps as it investigates misuse of data

The company said it was probing thousands of apps on top of those already suspended.

Reuters reports that the social network took the step after identifying apps which had access to 'large quantities of user data'. Those apps that raised suspicion - or developers which refused to comply with the audit itself - would be banned.

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Just under two months on and the tally is ~200 "suspicious" app suspensions, though the review process is ongoing - and Facebook is not being more specific about the total number of apps it's looked at so far (beyond saying "thousands") - so expect that figure to rise.

The investigation is part of Facebook's response to the revelations about Cambridge Analytica's collection of user data in March, after which the company was forced to admit it had allowed the data of tens of million of users to be mishandled.

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Apps that are being suspended are mostly those having access to large amounts of user data that was possible for apps to have before Facebook limited data access in 2014. Some Facebook users took a personality test within an app on the site that harvested data about them, which Cambridge Analytica then allegedly used during President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign.

Facebook has suspended around 200 third-party apps, after its data misuse investigation found signs that they may have been acting improperly. However, the social media giant is promising to invest heavily to ensure that the investigation is "as thorough and timely as possible". He also made clear that where we had concerns about individual apps we would audit them - and any app that either refused or failed an audit would be banned from Facebook.

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So Facebook will not be doing on site inspections in every suspicious app instance. The company did something similar to notify people that their information had been shared with Cambridge Analytica by an app called "This Is Your Digital Life".

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