Meghan Markle's sister Samantha has been hospitalised

Shout out Samantha cites freedom of speech PIC TMZ  MEGA

Shout out Samantha cites freedom of speech PIC TMZ MEGA

Her estranged half-sister, Samantha Grant, said she would not stop talking to the media before the royal wedding.

Samantha Markle has hit out at her sister, Meghan Markle, yet again.

The paparazzo fled the scene, and E.R. doctors are now treating Samantha.

She told the show's panel: "I have to say I am entirely the culprit".

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Grant added: "She doesn't have a relationship with anyone in the family". I'm not saying anything about her, but if I'm talking about my life and my father's she has to respect it.

In just two days time Meghan Markle will walk down the aisle at Windsor Castle.

"I'd like to give it to her in person, but if not, I will certainly send it", she told the website.

A source told The Sun Online: "Thomas and Doria are now barely speaking to one another".

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"Their relationship had been hanging by a thread for months before the staged photo scandals".

The unfortunate news follows word that Markle's dad Thomas successfully underwent heart surgery and precedes Markle's impending wedding to Prince Harry on Saturday. Her mum Doria Ragland arrived in London on Wednesday for moral support ahead of the nuptials, and teachers and pupils at Immaculate Heart High School and Middle School in Los Angeles, where the actress was a former student, will host a celebration to mark Markle's big day.

Meghan's estranged family certainly haven't been shy at speaking out about the U.S. actor ahead of the royal wedding. You're doing a book called The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister.

BTW. we dared to ask Samantha if she got Meg and Harry a wedding gift.

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