Raccoon captivates internet with Minnesota skyscraper climb

Though the roof was ready with baited traps, the latest updates appear to show the raccoon descending the building after reaching as high as the 23rd floor. When building workers tried to tempt the raccoon down with a long pole, it instead escaped to the UBS Plaza where it began its 23-story hike.

A Minnesota radio station branded the raccoon with the hashtag #mprraccoon.

The furry critter's ascent up the UBS Tower, as it clung only to the building's rough exterior more than 20 stories above the ground, started to stress people out on Twitter.

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Then it started to climb.

The skyscraper-scaling raccoon doesn't just have people keeping track to see what the creature's ultimate fate will be, though.

The city's mayor, Melvin Carter, assured raccoon-watchers help was on the way.

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There is a live trap on the roof of the building with some very aromatic cat food they hope will lure the raccoon to safety.

There is not a whole lot that St. Paul Animal Control can do because a rescue mission would be too unsafe for both the raccoon and the workers.

The raccoon became stranded on a ledge of the Town Square office building a couple days ago, according to MPR News reporter Tim Nelson.

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The little climber has even prompted a (presumably not raccoon-run) parody account on Twitter.

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