Bengaluru shuns sleep to watch the total lunar eclipse

The Longest Lunar Eclipse of the 21st Century Is Tonight. How to Watch

The Longest Lunar Eclipse of the 21st Century Is Tonight. How to Watch

The total eclipse lasted 1 hour, 42 minutes and 57 seconds, though a partial eclipse preceded and follows, meaning the moon will spend a total of almost 4 hours in the Earth's umbral shadow, according to Nasa. Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse, referred to as Chandra Grahan and Surya Grahan respectively, hold special significance in the Hindu calendar.

The celestial event, where the moon will line up with the Earth and the sun, will be seen across the United Kingdom and other parts of the Eastern hemisphere.

Some of the light from the sun still reaches the moon after it is bent by the earth's atmosphere, he added.

Mesopotamians regarded the blood moon as an omen that the king would be attacked.

The long duration of this eclipse was partly because the moon made a near-central passage through Earth's umbra - the darkest, most central part of the shadow.

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North America missed out on Friday's lunar eclipse but can look forward to the next one on January 21, 2019, according to NASA.

In a lunar eclipse, the Earth stands between its natural satellite and the Sun. Curious onlookers struggled to get the best shot of the lunar eclipse on their mobile phones.

Skygazers in South America will be able to see part of the final stages of the eclipse just after sunset on July 27. The moon will be below the horizon and out of sight in the United States, Canada, Mexico and other North American countries during the eclipse.

The blood moon was visible at different times across the globe when the sun, Earth and moon lined up perfectly, casting Earth's shadow on the moon.

A partial eclipse was also observed in some areas when the moon entered and left the earth's atmosphere, referred in astronomical terms as the earth's umbral shadow.

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The entire eclipse can be viewed from Brunei until moon set at 6.23am, Hazarry said.

In the Middle East, the moon rose above the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi while in Kenya it rose over Marabou storks nesting in Nairobi's trees. The live stream starts at 11:30pm IST on July 27 2018, so you can hit the play button in the video embedded below at the designated time to start your viewing of the eclipse.

According to NASA scientists: "The exact colour that the moon appears depends on the amount of dust and clouds in the atmosphere".

NASA, meanwhile, has called out social media hoaxers claiming that Mars will appear as big as the moon during the eclipse. As the blood moon light up the night sky, some people believed it could actually bring about the end of the world.

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