NY just capped the number of Uber, Lyft vehicles

For-hire drivers and their supporters rally in favor of proposed New York City legislation that would put a cap on ride-hailing vehicles Aug. 6 2018 in New York City

For-hire drivers and their supporters rally in favor of proposed New York City legislation that would put a cap on ride-hailing vehicles Aug. 6 2018 in New York City

'More than 65,000 working families will be getting a desperately needed raise because of today's vote, ' said Jim Conigliaro Jr., the founder of the Independent Drivers Guild, which represents drivers for Uber and other services.

New York City has become the first city in the country to limit the number of Uber and Lyft vehicles on the road - at least temporarily. "It would also allow the Commission address incomes for app-based drivers, 85 percent of whom now make below minimum wage".

But Uber spokeswoman Alix Anfang said the pause on new vehicle licenses 'will threaten one of the few reliable transportation options while doing nothing to fix the subways or ease congestion'. There are now more than 100,000 ride-hailing app vehicles from companies like Uber and Lyft on city streets.

Via, which operates shared rides with established stops, hopes the city will make an exception for carpools, which it says reduce congestion and provide drivers with the most money.

The City Council voted Wednesday on a package of bills that includes a one-year moratorium on new licenses for for-hire vehicles while the city studies the rapidly changing industry.

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"Our city is directly confronting a crisis that is driving working New Yorkers into poverty and our streets into gridlock", New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement.

The company said it will continue to work with New York City government and state leaders for solutions to keep up with the growing demand, such as congestion pricing.

He said many ride sharing drivers did not fully understand the costs of their job.

"This victory belongs to yellow cab, green cab, livery, black vehicle, Uber and Lyft drivers who united together in our union to transform our shared struggle and heartbreak into hope and strength", Bhairavi Desai, executive director of the NYTWA, said in a statement.

But that growth has brought New York's iconic yellow cabs to their knees and since December, six yellow-cab drivers have committed suicide.

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The New York Taxi Workers Alliance celebrated the vote, describing it on its website as a historic victory for its 18,000-member strong union.

"Workers and NY leaders made history today".

Licenses for new ride-hailing vehicles in the city are about to get scarce.

'They're talking about putting a cap on Uber, do you know how hard it is for black people to get a yellow cab in New York City?' Rev. Al Sharpton wrote on Twitter.

"And you know that yellow don't pick up black".

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Uber spokesman Josh Gold said in an interview Wednesday that the company will shift its strategy from opposing efforts to freeze the number of vehicles, to gobbling up the outstanding for-hire vehicle licenses available under the new cap. Uber is not going away'.

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